Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Reason I Didn't Get Much Work Done Last Friday

The deer came to visit again! Such a delightful surprise. 

Word is clearly spreading about how delicious our garden is.

I immediately moved "sit and watch the deer strolling round the garden" to the very top of my To Do list because admin and emails can wait, but surprise visits from lovely deer cannot :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Arranging Squares

As well as stitching together those mini knitted-with-leftover-yarn squares, this weekend I knitted a few larger blanket squares.

(NB most of those were knitted earlier!! I knitted just a couple at the weekend)

These simple garter-stitch squares are my go-to project for when I'm tired and want something super simple to make while watching TV. I can switch my brain off and just knit, knit, knit without having to follow a pattern or even look at my knitting much.

Way back when I was still in my teens I knitted some blanket squares that never became a blanket. After re-discovering them in a suitcase a few years ago I've been sloooowly knitting more squares to match so I can finally turn them into an actual blanket. Well, into two blankets actually as teenage me knitted two sizes of squares (was this deliberate or just teenage me forgetting what size knitting needles I was using? I suspect it may have been the latter!).

The bigger squares (plus added extras) became the "random squares" blanket I finished last year, and I'm currently knitting more of the smaller size squares in assorted bright colours to make up blanket two (next up: these sorbet colours).

I'm quite a slow knitter, especially these days as I can't knit for too long without my hands hurting (boo), but I'm happy to let this project develop slowly. However, now I've got quite a few squares knitted I'm starting to think about how best to arrange the squares. After all this knitting, I want to end up with a non-ugly blanket!

I might go for a random layout like before, but I'm tempted to do a "blocked" design like the one I'm using for my mini squares.

It's a very different effect to the smaller-scale pattern (you can see in the photo below the difference in the sizes of the squares!) but I kinda like it. Hmm... decisions, decisions...

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blanket-y Progress

Thanks to a few lazy summer evenings, my patchwork picnic blanket is progressing nicely!

I've sewn most of my stash of "knitted-from-leftover-yarn" squares together, stitching them into three sections.


I've also made a start on weaving/trimming all those loose ends.

The sections will will be gradually added to each time I knit more mini squares, and then (eventually) joined together to form one blanket.

I probably won't be blogging another update for a while though as I'll only be knitting more squares when I have leftover yarn to use up... so this is going to be rather a long-term project!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nice Things: A Guest Post, A Decision & Some Visitors

There's been some nice stuff happening here lately. Lots of sunshine (yay!), some icecream (yum!) and a few Nice Days Out that I can't wait to blog about and share with you guys - just gotta get those photos edited first (yawn).

Here's some other good stuff from the past couple of weeks...

... I wrote a guest post over at Oh My! Handmade Goodness all about my Nice Days Out - about how enjoyable they've been and how going on them has taught me the importance of scheduling some relaxation and exploration into my working weeks, no matter how long my To Do list might be.


... I'm "quoted" in this month's issue of Craftseller magazine, in an article about Social Media. I say "quoted" because the advice credited to me in the piece isn't actually something I said! Ah well, it's nice to have a mention anyway :)


... and I decided to delete most of my Pinterest boards. This doesn't immediately sound like it fits under the heading of "nice things" but after months of thinking that I "should" be using Pinterest but knowing in my heart that it was making me feel overwhelmed and stressed and a bit sad, it feels very nice to have finally made the decision to step back from it and spend my time and energy on things that suit me better.

I'll still be Pinning stuff like tutorials and guest posts from my blog (so if you follow my projects there you can continue to do so) and updating my Nice Day Out boards (mapping the places I've been, because I love being able to do that!) but not much else.

Finally (last but by no means least in the niceness stakes) I've had a couple of lovely visitors...

... a pretty butterfly who landed on the sunny window next to me when I was working on a blog post...

... and a sweet deer who brightened up two Mondays in a row by paying us a visit!


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