Friday, 24 October 2014

Hand Made Toys Bookazine

I had a lovely surprise while waiting for my train a couple of weeks ago. Flicking through the craft mags in the station's newsagent I spotted this fun-looking magazine...

... which turned out to include two projects from my second book, Super-Cute Felt Animals!

Hand Made Toys is one of those newfangled crafty "bookazines" that are a bit thicker than a normal magazine and jam-packed with things to make. It's 130 pages long and includes animals, dolls, toys and faux food to knit, crochet and sew... plus interviews with a couple of toy designers.

It's lovely to see two of my little felt animals in amongst so many cute projects! I especially love that knitted breakfast and the mermaid is just adorable...

... and omigosh there's my project next to a Clanger! Eep!

Hand Made Toys apparently came out back in the summer so you might not be able to find a copy in your local newsagent, but copies are still available online... along with copies of Made in Felt #2 which also features a couple of my projects squeezed in amongst lots of other crafty goodness.

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Kathi said...

Hurray, Laura! So, when you are by yourself, and you make a discovery like this- what do you do?? A little happy dance? Or a big one and tell anyone who asks that your work is published in the magazine you are holding? However you chose to celebrate, I hope it included a sweet treat for yourself! :) But a business question: doesn't your work need permission from you to be published in any form? Well, congratulations sweetie- so glad you and your wonderful work is out there for the world to enjoy! I received a lovely box today with the books I won in your giveaway!! I already picked up felt, so will be starting the wreath soon!! And the candy corn bunting- and Mollie's ghost candle coaster, too!! Thank you again- Have a great weekend!!

BugsandFishes said...

Ah, there is no dancing... well, not until I get home anyway!

The permissions are granted by my publisher, they arrange for extracts like these to appear in magazines to help promote the book :)

Glad to hear the books arrived safely! Happy sewing...


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